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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Geo Engineering - Saving the Planet

'Geo-engineering' might save planet: scientist Published Monday September 29th, 2008 Global Warming Fertilizing oceans to grow plankton could remove a gigatonne of carbon per year, lecturer believesNothing, at this stage, will save the Greenland ice cap from melting, raising oceans several feet, says Victor Shahed Smetacek.

Only a massive feat of "geo-engineering" can save the Antarctic ice cap from doing the same, the professor of bio-oceanography at the University of Bremen, Germany, said in an interview from Halifax.

Humanity, led by the United Nations, must remove huge quantities of carbon dioxide from the air over the next century, he will argue in an address at Mount Allison University this week.Smetacek, born in India of an Indian mother and German father, attended the conference in Halifax this month of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.A talk on rising oceans might interest an audience at a university in Sackville, on the Tantramar marsh.

Today, he will speak as part of the President's Speakers Series on Climate Change and Global Citizenship. On Tuesday he will launch the vice-president's seminar series Evolution: 150 Years of Darwin with a lecture, "Understanding plankton evolution in the framework of the arms race."Phytoplankton, microscopic organisms, might save humanity, he argues.Smetacek quite seriously proposes to fertilize vast areas of the southern oceans deficient in iron to promote plankton to absorb carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthetic uptake.Skeletons of dead plankton compose a large part of the sludge at the bottom of deep oceans.

So, scientists must figure out how to promote plankton that remove carbon from the air, then take it to the bottom when they die.We might remove a gigatonne - one trillion kilograms - of carbon from the air each year, Smetacek says. Removing carbon at this rate might save the south polar ice cap if other efforts continue to stop adding more carbon, he said.Depositing a whole gigatonne of carbon at the bottom of the sea might sound like an effort worthy of Archimedes, the ancient Greek mathematician and engineer who said that he could move the Earth if he had a place to stand with his pry bar.However, it would take only five to 10 ocean-going ships, possibly tankers or ore carriers, to fertilize the oceans each year with iron sulphate, a waste product from smelting titanium and iron, he said. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------­------------ a far cheaper method of simply adding used waste" tin" [ iron ] food cans to the oceans, near the coast ,will achieve exactly the same carbon storage as iron sulphate in the deep oceansonce the expert discover the oceans are all connected and so is the air , it matters not where you add the iron , except where other pollutants are already present algae blooms dont happen as the tins rust slowly and algae is eaten as it grows by krill and other phytoplanktonadding waste tin cans to the ocean will cure global warming, and increase fish stocks dramatically, for almost nothing , , by replacing iron we no longer let reach the seas because of increased irrigation , once the experts are forced to get off the gravy train and ask those who have already proven it worksanybody can test it out for little cost , simply add a ton of old tin cans in a wire cage to the sea and watch it for a few months and you too will know how to cure global warming for freeit is that simple , cage them up or scattered makes little difference , the krill will eat the rapidly growing algae and the fish will eat the krill , we eat the fish , and remove carbon for freeold tin cans will cure global warming for free, in ten years, once they try everything else first .

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Heroic Generation: You!

The New Map of Intellectual Consciousness.

The Heroic Generation:

At the cutting edge of Du Avant Garde, is that a civilization's development rest solely on the socio - cultural processes of how it nurtures it's youth. Thus is should be to everyone surprise that something happened previous to the year of 2000. What has happen, is the development of The Heroic Generation of American youth who are now entering the 16 to 18 years of age, as of June, 2006.

The Critical aspect of this is based on the clear observation that as the American civilization has became more complex, there has been increasing equal complex burdens of sociocultrual and sociopolitical adaptions being made in childrearing techniques by both the parents and children of each family since about 1982 till the present. The forms of these adaptations have magnified the self - perceptions of diversity of the emerging core of youth even more, than their parents own development in their own childhoods'; the present impetus of greater self - discoveries as a result.

The newer aspect....
Then the physical impact of hours and hours being spent at home computers and access to the Internet by children as early as 2 1/2 has likewise created further expansion of the depth of the child's development of their audio and visual perceptions, increasing their range of needed additional information, and emotional needs during all the years afterwards; their growing dependencies upon the Internet.

As of now:
Their resulting increased visual and intellect range [ what is still not yet been measure by present early childhood reseachers - conclusively, and maybe by their present skill research skills unmeasureable ] is far different than their parents. This component has likewise appeared in experiences of increasing fustrations in their dealings and learning with their primary and secondary school teachers - who in most instances are unaware of their emerging student traits. This is the additional impact of computer usage and its ability to influence their own innate drives - while most of their parents being totally unaware. Furthermore, those who families have home acccess to the Internet have triggered a unique struggle for this generation of Internet users to find common idenity; this has created the basis for a different more complex cultural society to emerge within America's mulit - cultural mosaic.

Most amazing is the increasing and voluntary, they are not being forced to commit in using the Internet by their parents, interdiction of the internet experiences into radicalizing their abstractual intellegence, and near fantasy visual ranges in conjunction with the mental impacted sociocultural sphere of influences of present early childhood ( per - 12s ) sensory developments by their parent's sociocultural, socioeconomic, and sociospiritual childrearing efforts [ What the parents are passing on and the advance technique they likewise have used from the radical 1970's. ]. Moreover, their developmental causal extrapolations of rapid access and installation of competant and more highly advanced usage of computer soft wear technologies, and internet prowless has impacted new adaptations after 12 YO ( and at a critical developmental stage Piget/Erickson); thereby creating new unkown emotional structures which has their further generated biological resultant imprints on this population's innate drives. There is no research known within this area either.

Part conclusion...

" Similar to design technology functions invested in computer advance technologies and rapid streaming of mass information within the growing massive information insourcing spiders of the Internet ( here before never used by previous generations ) have had a radical impact which are largely the additional unknowns confronted by todays parents and unfortunately and similarly by present University educators as well. They, " you " [ if " you " fall into this generation ] are now the outsourcing resultants"
Now, historically, now, this process has created new emotional and intellectual structures and have been observed to be firmly inserted into this generations' overall personality traits which is generated by every single successful experience during time durations [ after an unknown quanity of time expended ] related computer access obtained by the child user. In dealing with present forms of how children are integrated into society this has created a separate intellect, nonetheless, and thus forming new resultant and yet unkown " impacted innate intellectual drives which are increasingly creating emotional technocentered more adpated " new corridors."

Presently this has been recently touched on, largely in their emerging emotional fields, by Presidential Canidate Barack Obama. His campaign use of the Internet and who, the users, he has been getting his political message to, and likewise his contributions from.

Part conclusion ....
Simply the causal resultant of increased usage and depth of range of their nervous systems has result in a different intellectual population.

It is what is contained within in this new corridor is their main future focus of unity. How internet experiences have impacted their own personal, and individual bio - spheres, and the resultant increased locations and more diverse usage of their brain stimulus is still even the greater unknown - even to themselves.

Thus and unlike Gertude Stein quote about the " Lost Generation " We now have the " Heroic Generation. " In a historic review we have had Heroic Generations born in 1745, 1832, 1876, 1919, 1946, and then 1982.

What is even more surprising is that they have caught upon certain indenity ethos which is in its initial stages of social and cultural evolution - development; and are just now being defined by themselves, while others outsiders are in the dark. Moreover, the socio-spirituality of this genertion is their special gifts.

The result in art, music, and others is just now appearing at their other edges....

This is leading us to the....

The impact of which will be felt culturally around the year 2016. Politically is the greater unknown, can Barack Obama tap into it? No one knows...

Pax Fidelis!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Ithaca DownTown partnership Blog

The Ithaca Commons WebSite and The Ithaca Urban Entertainment Center and Construction Directory WebPage was generate as a supplement to Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY. This is part of a promotional process in which to attract more tourist to the local scene and thereby creating an additional economic reality locally by tourism.

The singificant factor in promoting centers, IE. the Ithaca Commons is that it draws [ There are less parking problems now - a - days too ! ] people into a central area in which to be seen and at times meet friends all the while shopping at exotic shops. Recently, several downtown merchants have been doing complete face lifts on their stores facades and thus with the additional construction and new mass traniset stations Ithaca is about to be - renewed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Elmira College Introduction

Innovation and quality.

Founded in 1855, Elmira Female College was the first college in the world to grant a baccalaureate degree to women, equal to those granted to men. Elmira College is known as the "mother of women's colleges." (Elmira became co-educational in 1969.) Simeon Benjamin, known as "The Founder," was instrumental in the College's location in Elmira, the growing commercial and cultural center of the Finger Lakes region.
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